Windows 10 Mobile 10.0.10586.63 No Cellular Data (AT&T)

I like to think of myself as pretty open minded when it comes to technology. While I do spend 70% of my time on the Microsoft stack in the .NET realm, I do spend a lot of time in other areas as well. I have both a MacBook Pro and a Surface and I do quite a bit of mobile development on iOS with Obj-C and Swift, little Android, and some Windows Mobile. I have owned all of the major phone platforms at one point or another but most recently went back to a Windows Phone. I know what your thinking, why would I do that. I really like the idea of a third player out there to round things out and frankly I was getting a little bored with the iPhone after four years of pretty much the same interface and functionality. So I got me a Windows Phone and jumped right in with the Windows Insider Program.  I have actually really been enjoying the Windows 10 Mobile platform and I am a big fan of Windows 10 in general.  Things have been great until this weekend when 10.0.10586.63 got rolled out to the insiders.  My first thought was, “excellent, can’t wait to see all of the enhancements”.  The install went fine and things were looking good until I left my home for the first time only to realize I no longer had cellular data connection and couldn’t send MMS messages.  Every application said “Sorry, no network connectivity”.  I was enraged because yesterday things were close to perfect before the upgrade.  Well, after threating to go back to my iPhone, calming down a little and remembering I did sign up for a beta program on my main device, I did some research. I was able to get the cellular data working again.  The “Force” has been restored.  Here are the steps and settings I used to get my data back on.

Settings -> Network & Wireless -> Cellular & SIM

  • Make sure Cellular data in turned on
  • Click on “SIM Settings”
  • Add an Internet APN (making sure to save)
    wp_ss_20160130_0001 wp_ss_20160130_0002
  • Add an MMS APN (making sure to save)
    wp_ss_20160130_0003 wp_ss_20160130_0004

Hope this helps a few of you out and keeps you loving the Windows 10 Mobile OS.